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Spiritual Poems

Spiritual Essays


Al Qaeda (The 'Base')
Struck The Base Of The "Image".

An Unlawful Activity: Air Travel.

Another Iron And Clay.

Another Whopping     At Wapping.

Assemblies Inspiring Ferocity.

At Their King's Cross.

Awaiting The Seventh "Bowl"
Of God's Wrath Upon Despoilers.

Before Michael Rules With An "Iron Rod".

Better A Man Who Hides His Folly
Than One Who Hides Wisdom.

Changed By A New Spirit Birth.

Choose The Subject
On The Basis Of Hope.

Contempt     "Melted Like Wax".

Crimes Against The Planet And Ourselves.

Dear Caller.

Demoncracy's Alternatives.

Do You Call Out To God?

Do You Have:
"Love Out Of A Clean Heart"?

Ear Ticklers.



Evil Men Claim They Fight A Holy War?

Evil Spirits Find Resting Places
In The Minds Of Rebellious Men.

'Father, Bless The Sins We Want To Keep.'

Father, Raise The Low And Bring Down
The High Ones As You Promised.

Flesh Worshippers.

For The Faithful.

For Those Who Ask:
"What Is Your Religion?"

For Yobs In Uniform     Call 999.

God Is Sacrificing Ethiopians
And Surrounding Nations.

Godless Nations Are Uniting
And Are "Hearing His Voice".

Gog Is Being Turned Around,
From 666 To 999.

Gog Of Magog.

Honour Your Father And Your Mother.

How Can Anyone Be Happy?

Human Dungy Idols.

"I Have A Dream!"

I've Often Heard It Said.

In The "Valley Of Decision"
Nations Are Being Judged.

Intelligent Disgrace Among Satan's 'Elders'.

Jehovah God Is Sacrificing Africa.

Jews And The "Assyrian" Rod.


"Locusts": The "Whirring Insects" Of God.

Lord, I Know Why The Nations Will Vent
Their Anger When You Begin Your Rule.

Love According To Knowledge.


Michael's Stand Against "Babylon".

Most People Today Live
In "Babylon".  Do You?

Must We Love These Neighbours?

My Spirit Awareness,
And My Thanks To God.

"Names" Of Men Covering The "Beast".

No-Hopers Of The 'Eleventh Hour'.

Of The Saved And The Abandoned.

Paul The Apostle To The nations.

Political Names Are Inscribed On
  The "Image" Of The "Wild Beast".

Pretty Red And White Stickers.

Princess Diana the goddess.

Prophecies Heralding The Rule Of God.

Prophesy Again To The Nations.


Rebels Reply To The Thief.

Santa or satan?

Seeds Of Wisdom.

Solomon Rejected The Wisdom Of God.

Some Ways That Defile.


Terrorism: The Spirit Aspect Of Nations.

"Test The Spirits To See
Whether They Are From God."

The Annual Commemoration Of
The Evening Meal Of Our Lord.

The Apostate Preacher.

The Appearance Of Michael.

The Beginning Of The Reversal.

The Blowing Of The Seventh "Trumpet".

The Christ's Sign.

The "Contemptible Creature".

The "False Prophet" Is Their god.

The "Final Rebellion".

The "Foreign Woman".

The Fruitage Of "Ephraim".

The "Hour Of Test".

The "Image Of The Beast".

The "Innumerable Host".

The Lord Gave Us Illustrations,
And We Offer His "Little Scroll".

The Lord Shall "Taunt Them
With Their Evil Plottings".

The "Man Of Lawlessness".

The Old And The New.

The Outpouring Of The Spirit Of God
"Upon The Air" Is Imminent.

The Political "Wild Beast",
The Sectarian "Harlot"
And Their Cities To Be Desolated.

The Prescience Of God.

The Purpose Of Human Life.

The Real Meaning Of Life.

The Scrolls Are The Legal Case Of God,
And A Curse For Those Ruining His Land.

The Sect Of JWs Are
The "Man Of Lawlessness".

The Sectarian "Harlot".

The "Sharp-Eyed Pickers".

The "Sieve Of Worthlessness".

The "Signal" For Ethiopia.

The "Stone" Out Of "Mount Zion"
Has Struck At The Feet Of The Image.

The "Thief".

The Uncreated, The Coward.

The "Well" For The House Of David
For Sin And For An "Abhorrent Thing".

Their Community.

They Are Actually Going To Build
On Top Of Their Nation's Graveyard.

They Are Conferring Their
Authority Upon The "Beast".

They Are Revealed,
Now Our Lord Can Come.

To Kosovars (A Sign).

To The Majority Of Mankind.

To Those Who Say There Is No God.

Three "Trumpets" And Three "Bowls".

Uniforms Of The Cloth.

Universal Soldier.

What The World Plans To Celebrate.

While Nations Are In Turmoil We Rejoice.

Who Is The "False Prophet"?

Whose Messengers? Whose Witnesses?

Why The Hidden Purpose Of God
Through The "Good News" Is Finished.


Secular Poems

At Home During The 1939-1945 War.

At The Forge.




Deadly Contributors.

He Worked The Woods.

I Sweep It Under My Carpet.

'I'm Only Doin' My Job.'

Just Before Their Last.

Know The Actors.

Life In Britain During The 1939-1945 War.

Like Flowers On A Lawn.

Looking For Peace.

My New Baby.

Nature's Face.

Pleasures Mine.

Rhetor's Ricks.


The Living Dead.

The Sadness Habit.

The Secret Woman.

The Stonemason.

They Lied To God.

They Want The Ground
You're Standing On.

Those Striving After Wind.

To Inspire.

We Watched Water's Way.



A Collection of Wise Sayings


Good Advice From The Apocrypha.

Good And Hateful Wives.

The Responsibilities Of Fathers.


2 Thessalonians 2:1-12 NEB.

A "Man Of Lawlessness" Gave
Jehovah's Witnesses Their Name.

A Physical And Spiritual Change
Will Soon Take Place.


All Homosexuals And Their Supporters
Must Be "Rooted Out" From Among
True Christians.

All Homosexual Deviants Should
Have Been Rooted Out Of Churches.

An Explanation Of The Distress Of
 The "Flood" Of Righteousness.

An Unforgivable Sin.

"And Their Corpses Will Be On The Broad
Way Of The Great City Which Is In A
Spiritual Sense Called Sodom And Egypt".

Angels Of God Will Bring To Ruin
"Those Ruining The Earth".

Are You An Unsealed Sham 'Elder'
Deceiving In JW Congregations?

Are You "Awake"? Or Are You Asleep?
Do You Look In The Mirror And Forget
What You Saw?

Come To Know Your Creator Before
Age Makes It Too Difficult For You.

Concerning Forgetful Hearers,
And Doers Of The Perfect Law.

DIY Fanatics.

Domineering Women Are Not
A Glory Of Their Husbands.

"For God Is A God,
Not Of Disorder, But Of Peace."

"For The Sake Of The Ten
  I Will Not Destroy It."

Has Your "Veil" Been Removed?
If Not, Turn To Jehovah, And He
Will Then Remove It For You.

How Our Lord Is Taunting And Destroying
Those Contemptuous Of His Law.

How Will Satan Plant His
"Palatial Tents" In Israel?

Imminent Is The Judgement Of God
In The "Low Plain Of Jehoshaphat."

In Correction Of The Translation:
"No Delay Any Longer". (Rev 10:6 NWT).

JWs Suffer From 'Cognitive Dissonance'
Among Their Leaders And Themselves.

Lebanon: Like A "Woman Giving Birth"?

"Madness" And "Critical Times"
Are Here As Prophesied.

Of Antichrist. By John Bunyan.

Of The Prophecies Concerning The Sons
Of Ishmael Undergoing Fulfilment Today.

Of Those Worshipping
A god Of Their Own Making.

Of What Once Happened To The Jews,
And What Will Happen In Fulfilment
Of The Prophecy.

On Love.

On Arrogance.

On Friendship.

On Humility.

On Righteousness.


Proof That God Has Allowed An
Operation Of Error To Go To
The Sect Of Jehovah's Witnesses.

"Raucous Shouts" From God To
"Those Not Willing To Hear".

So Much Is Set Aflame By Such A
Small Member
    The Tongue.

Some Of The Disgusting Ways Being
Practised By Sectarian Misleaders.

"Take The Open Scroll In
The Hand Of The Angel".

The Archaic Language Used In The
King James Version Of The Bible.

The Basis Of Judgement.

The Day Of The Lord.

The Destiny Of Spirits.

The Destiny Of All Mankind.

The Destiny Of Babylon/Iraq,
For Those Spiritually Deaf.

The Destiny Of The "False Prophet"
And The Political "Wild Beast".

The Prophesied Fall Of "Babylon".

The "False Prophet" Today,
In Fulfilment Of Revelation 19:20.

The "Fine Wine" Of John 2:10 NWT.

The Fulfilment Of The Prophecy Of Isaiah
Concerning The Desolation Of "Babylon".

The Fulfilments Of The Sounding And The
Blowing Of The Seventh Angel's Trumpet.

"The Goblet, My Cup Of Rage."

The Judgement Of Mankind
Through The Son Of God.

The Living Requirements Identifying
Those Belonging To Zion. Just Before
The Glory Of Jehovah Shines Upon Them.

The Lord Executed His Judgement Of The
Coastland Peoples Of Asia By Means Of
The Opened "Little Scroll" In His Hand.

"The Lost Outnumber The Saved As
A Wave Exceeds A Drop Of Water."

The Meaning Of Isaiah 28:23-29 NEB.

The Meaning Of The "Fine Wine"
Provided By The Christ Michael
For The "Time Of The End".

The "Mighty Angel" Of God Caused
The Tsunami In The Indian Ocean.

The One Who "Will Meet His End
With No One To Help Him" (NEB).
The Prophecy Of Daniel 11:45.

The Only Way By Which Mankind Will
Find Lasting Peace And Happiness Is

The "Way"
Of The Christ.

The "Overflowing Flash Flood".

The "Palatial Tents" Of Satan
Are About To Be Planted In Israel.

The Prophecy of Isaiah 33:7-12 (NEB)
Being Fulfilled In Lebanon.

The Purpose Of The "Hour Of Test"
And The "Ordeal".

The Reasons Why Church Leaders And
Their Members Are Being Revealed As

Counterfeit Christians.

The Sect Of Jehovah's Witnesses Are The
"Object Of Astonishment" Of Micah 6:16,
And Are Something To Be Whistled At".

The "Way Of Holiness" (1).

The "Way Of Holiness" (2).

The World's Political "Eighth King"
 Out Of The Previous Seven Is Now
Being Struck At Its Feet.

There Will Be No Heavenly
Afterlife For The Rich.

This Website Is Not For Those Looking For
"Ear Tickling" Teachings And False Stories

Those Who Are To Be Saved From
This Life Into Spirit Immortality.

What Is The Distinction Between

What Is The "Hour Of Test"?

What Is The "Rod" Of Isaiah 11:4
And Revelation 2:27, 12:5 and 19:15?

What Will Happen When God
Begins His Rule Over Mankind?

"When An Unclean Spirit
  Comes Out Of A Man".

Who Was The "Contemptible
Creature" Of Daniel's Vision?

Who Will Be Taunted With
Their Evil Plottings"?

Why Christians Suffer
Persecution For Their Faith.

Why God Will Speak To Godless People With
Raucous Shouts, Barbarous Speech And A
Strange Tongue, In Fulfilment Of Isaiah 28.

Why Most People Don't Understand
The "Eleventh Hour" Principle Of
Matthew 20:9.

Why Nations Will Feel The Life-Reducing
Effects Of The Prophesied Spirit "Thirst".

Why The Christ Does Not Allow Women
Authority To Teach In A Congregation.

Why The Incoming Righteous Rule Of God
Will Cause Nations To Become Wrathful.

Why The Opened "Little Scroll" Contains
Corrections And Countermeasures Against The
Wicked Works Of Followers Of The Antichrist.

Why Those With The "Mark"
Resent Those Without It.

Why Women Would Be Risking
Giving Birth To "Monsters".

With Concrete Barriers Jews Have Made
Jerusalem A "Widemouthed Cooking Pot".
Their Slain Are "The Flesh" Inside her.

Workers Of Lawlessness.


Spiritual Illustrations

A Law Of God Being Disregarded
By The Sect Of Jehovah's Witnesses
And All Other Guilty Religions.

"A Scarlet-Coloured Wild beast That
Was Full Of Blasphemous Names And
   That Had Seven Heads And Ten Horns."

Abraham And His Son.

"Broken To Pieces Like Clay Vessels".

Flooding Out "Lying Signs And Portents"
By Means Of The Opened "Little Scroll".

"For Ye Men Shall Put On More
Adornments Than A Woman".

Gog's Attack On Regathered "Israel".
The Universal War.

Houses Of Prayer?

"It Must Lodge In The Midst Of
His House And Exterminate It
And Its Timbers And Its Stones."


The Christ Jesus Died On
A Stake, Not On A Cross.

The Destiny Of Sodomites Including
Child Molesters Guilty Of Incest.

The Destructive Class System.

The Devil's Sign Is The Emblem Of Wales.

The "Flying Scroll".

The "Mighty Angel" Of God.

The Sorrowing Soul Between
Doubt And Faith.

The Transfiguration.

The Two "Flocks".

"Trampling" On The Sons Of God.

Why Angels Of God Have
Authority To Harm The Earth.


News and Comment


Church Scandals.

FBI Nets 7,000 More British
Users Of Child Porn Websites.

JWs Practice Deceit.

"The Object Of Astonishment".

Rampant Incest Is Being Allowed Among
The Sect Of Jehovah's Witnesses.

'Panorama' Transcript:
'Suffer The Little Children'.

Why Schools And Most Parents
Are Failing Their Children.

Why The Catholic Priesthood
Is Infested With Paedophiles.

Why The Catholic Sect Must Be
"Rooted Out" Of World Communities.



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